Why we work

It’s time to change our nature relations. For centuries, we have been oscillating between different algorithms: #ego-rithm and #eco-rihm. From listening only to human ego-goals, to desperately trying to save the eco, the world. Often without aligning the first with the second.

Now, a third path is appearing, placing learning and relations at the core of our efforts. The edge of the rift between humans and nature is changing our civilization. But the core of that change is the edge itself, the relation between human creation and nature. At Growing Pathways, we see this a unique opportunity.

We are moving into the #algorithm of human/nature relations. It’s no longer about either-or, it’s about learning to move inside the relation itself.

It’s about how that changes our ways of being human. Our actions, our understanding, our organizing. It’s about exploring the pathway of nature relations.

The idea of growth has changed as well; it has moved from the benefit of the individual to growth of common worlds. We help our clients and partners grow in directions that strengthen relations through commonized creativity.

Welcome to the pathway of a new algorithm.