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The Human Relation to Nature

Is Nature a threat to humans or vital for our survival? Most people would certainly say ‘both’. But why do we view nature as we do? Why do some people protect trees and others cut them down? For hundred thousands of years

For hundred thousands of years, humans have walked on Earth living peacefully with Nature. It is only within the last 150 years things have started to change, but what happened?

Learn more about the history and psychology of humans’ relationship with nature and book us for a lecture or workshop.

The lecture can be held in both English and Danish.


Photo: Nikolaus Geyrhalter – from the film Homo Sapiens

The people behind:

Kajsa Li Paludan
Kajsa, M.A., has specialized in humans relation to nature. She is a sought after lecturer and workshop-giver and has held talks on this subject for CONCITO, NRK Norway, DR, Klub, and Krogerup Højskole among others. She also appears on a series of 6 radio programs on Danish National Radio about nature, climate, and language. During COP21 in Paris she wrote her own column for Ekstrabladet ‘Klimadetektiven’. Kajsa also writes a blog for the Huffington Post.

Oleg Koefoed
Oleg holds a PhD, in philosophy and history. He has spent the last 25 years researching systems and people’s way of living. In this context Oleg has contributed to several books and written articles on sustainability and culture. He teaches system thinking and communication at Copenhagen Business School and is a counselor to the Nordic Council of Ministers among others.