Purposeful Strategic Practice

Purposeful Strategic Practice will allow you to:

  • Discover your massive transformative purpose
  • Connect your goals with nature, culture, and society
  • Revitalize your sustainability narrative by boosting it with youth and creativity
  • Let revolutionary explosions replace years of stressful strategizing

Our Purposeful Strategic Practice is an action-research approach leading to recognizing the massive purpose of an organization ready to transcend itself again and again. It regenerates the motivation of leadership and being ready to die for an unborn world.

As we toil in the humdrum of strategic everyday life, we tend to get caught in the time span that fits into the annual report. Which leaves us out of 99,99 % of human history. If we add the phrenetic rhythms of our media feed, the result is close to temporal anesthesia.

What’s so great about time, legacy and history becomes tangible when we dive much deeper into it. It’s not the short-term causal explanations saving us from repeating mistakes of the past. It’s about the grand narratives that remind us of the innumerable ways in which we connect.

Purposeful, strategic practice is based on a journey through millennia. We work with a time span of 12000 years because this is the approximate age of symbolic architecture. As we arguably live at the edge of a turn in the way we communicate, collaborate, and create, we like to go back 12 000 years.

Strategic purpose, you might argue, is about the future. Absolutely, and understanding the movements of the past is only possible if we look at them from a future angle. Massive transformative purpose, a term coined in Silicon Valley in the later years, comes out of pushing the limits of what we consider possible and even meaningful.

The “we want to be the best in the market at what we do” vision/mission that satisfies your shareholders does nothing for your greatest talents. They need higher ceilings and the benefits of future generations. And they need to feel like they are part of a truly devoted team doing their very best to the best of worlds.

Growing Pathways have designed some levels for how to give you insights and skills to obtain a stronger purpose and learn how to use it:

Level 1: Inspirational talk

From the temples of Gobekli Tepe, over the cultural effects of discoveries and globalized trade, to the image of the Anthropocene fate of Homo Deus, we fly you through the frames, fates, and fantasies of our civilization.

We give your team or group a taste of what it means to take time seriously as the fourth dimension. We give you a feeling of purpose without idealism and transformation beyond ideology. The inspiration that will kickstart your next ideation session.

Level 2: Workshop

Recognize your narratives, metaphors, and futures in the substance of our historical journey. Nature is not the world separate of the human sphere, and no world systems have been capable of excluding the world for long. Embrace and learn, and you will reap unknown dimensions.

In an MTP workshop, we take every participant on a journey to their very own deepest and widest professional dream. Be it conquering the market of carbon sequestration or redefining transportation networks in Sierra Leone. Two weeks later, they will be ready to sweep the feet away of their senior executives.

Level 3: Lab

We kickstart the lab process with 49 hours in the wild. Isolated in the pure wild of our hideout in Northern Sweden, we take the young leaders (or semi-miserable key account manager and communication officers) to a hard-on reconnection to what matters: life, rocks, icy cold water, simple living, deep traditions and less talk. This purification of body and mind opens up the way to bring together their professional capacities and their strongest desires. After 48 hours, they formulate their collective transformative purpose and their personal plan to make it come true.

The next phase takes place in the real world, where we return to the crew with challenges and tasks in the following months. This testing keeps the purpose present in their work-life while highlighting the real obstacles rather than the imagined ghosts.

At the end of the period, we bring together the crew and a group of stakeholders, to see how to make the five-year strategy for making the purpose come true and clearing away the obstacles. A pathway is drawn and commitments made.

Level 4: Transformation

Of course, we can return to the first three levels at any time, if need be. Transformation only occurs when the richness of complexity and the clarity of commitment and motivation align. The road of nice sounding strategies of “Integrated marketing communication” and score charts hides the real field of people, teams, and their motivation. In this century, leadership requires a different handling of multiplicity and internal and external borders are falling.

The approach we offer here is a transformative system of non-financial contracts, backed up by digital tools such as blockchain communities, but driven first and foremost by a decentralized monitoring of motivation and innovative potential.

If your ambition is to be sustainable for real and beyond greenwashing, you will, of course, need to incorporate a deep listening to the world in all its life forms in your MTP work, and to connect this to the 17 SDGs for wider impact mapping. With the help of our strategic partners in business, policy, and research, we expect to have this tool ready for commercial use in 2020. Your chance at this point is to be a pioneer in the development process, by opting in for the previous levels and feeding us with experience. Follow the process on our almanac.