Based in Copenhagen and reaching out to the world, Growing Pathways offers clients and partners a seat in a vehicle that takes us to a life-enhancing, democratic, and nature-based culture of sustainability.

We do this by carefully adapting and combining disciplines – because the world and its conundrums and creations do not follow the signs on the doors of academia and corporations. The world is transdisciplinary, and every minute you are not realizing this, you are sharing the fate of the beautiful, but extinct creatures in the history of our beautiful planet.

Our approach starts with culture because we know by now that we always return to issues of culture when we try to improve our ways: we are guided by values, virtues, desires, and habits. We may try to change the products, the institutions, the markets, the laws. But they will fail to produce change if this is not in the mindset and daily practice of the masses. 

With our many partners, we have embarked on journeys that make us – if not experts, then at least learned imbeciles – in:

  • Mapping Cultures – when you need to understand the deeper realities of a community or a place in order to promote all-including change
  • Remembering Nature – designed to activate the senses and sensibility of urban environments and their inhabitants
  • Learning Transformation – every step is a revolution when we tread into the culture of a caring human species
  • Material Participation – all the tools we design let users feel like co-authors

We have worked closely with governments, ministries, municipalities, organizations, NGO’s and the private sector both nationally and internationally.

We never stop innovating our own methods, since the world never stops breathing and moving. You will find carefully designed experiments in our portfolio, and we invite you to enquire and join. These include:

  • Virtual Reality x Site Sensistising – with award-winning VR and AR content creators Khora, we develop the digital-analogue perception shifters of the future
  • Pollination Academy – with around twenty partners from Denmark and Europe, we are redefining the way we learn in touch with life
  • Domes of Perception – with partners in Copenhagen including Njord, Agenda21 centres and ITU, we are creating new nature-culture houses for Copenhagen

Please contact us for more information:

The Democratic Domes are part of our newest project for integrating local participation in urban nature
With Music Academies and ActinArt, we are developing a new process tool for sustainable organisations, based on the SDGs and WHO’s 6 Ps for healthy cities.
Urban Nature workshop
We started working with citizens and stakeholders about Nature in Copenhagen in 2016

As experts in cultural approaches to the crises we face, we regularly conduct workshops, conferences, and seminars with our partners and clients