About us

At Growing Pathways, we work with people who believe that healthy human-nature relations will open up for entrepreneurial opportunities for the future.

We believe in the potential of our clients, not only in their name. We believe that creative practices, cultural fieldwork, natural sciences combined with strategic consultancy will bring us new paths to walk.

We also believe that climate change is happening and that we creatively and wisely can solve it by developing nature entrepreneurship; rewriting the narratives of human institutions and their relations to nature; reorganizing the business/policy/civil societies through participatory platforms; facilitating leadership through massive transformative purpose exploration and in all: understanding the future sustainable potential of creative ecologies.



Growing Pathways was built in 2015 on the joy of exploration and finding solutions to problems we have not asked for and finding the key to potentials of which we dream. The co-founders Kajsa and Oleg met at Copenhagen Business School in 2007 and have worked together since. They shared the urge of turning sustainability into mainstream, directing the narrative away from “hippie” and “salvation” and toward “entrepreneurial,” “creative” and “solving planetary problems.”

For ten years the founders have worked with some of the brightest people around the world and conducted projects in all over Europe and Northern America. Awards have been won for their work, and with love for how humans and businesses relate to nature Growing Pathways is proud of having played a part in changing some of them.

As a company, we believe that a stronger, more collaborative and more aware world is right in front of us. We spend most of our time awake to put all of our knowledge, networks, and creativity into play to make it a reality.