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(Cultural Manager at the Estonian Music Academy in Tallinn after a full workshop day on Culture, the SDGs and Pollination Principles)


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Oleg Koefoed
Director, Co-founder, PhD, Action-Philosopher

Oleg is a transdisciplinary character that can sometimes be hard to follow, with a mind that is always on the lookout for new connections to get deeper into understanding how our species got into this mess and how to grow from it. But if you ask him to hang around with you or take you for an exploration of the world, your habits, or the nearest spot of urban nature, there is a chance you will come out changed forever.

Oleg serves on a regular basis as a guide, lecturer, facilitator, and action researcher for EU institutions, Baltic Sea regional partners, cultural institutions, universities, food start-ups, municipalities, and governments. But he is also always ready to take a talk or a deep dive with humans or other beings just because they need it.

Patricia Czobanszi
Project developer, Designer, co-founder of Pollination Academy

Patricia got her degree in Design for the Planet from the design school of Kolding in 2020 – before this, she earned her degree in industrial design in Budapest. Patricia also holds a degree in project management.

Patricia got involved with GP in 2020, when she landed in Copenhagen in the beginning of the time where we had to keep a distance and stay safe. She co-designed both the on-site and the online versions of the first Pollination Academy experiments and became one of the co-founders of the academy.

Patricia also works on projects in urban sustainability for City Facilitators, gaining knowledge about the world and how to finance and develop urban projects.

Kirstine Sofie G Røssum
Urban landscape design and local participation

Kirstine studies to become an Urban Landscape Engineer at the Forest School in Nødebo. She has been part of GP since 2019, where she has been a driving force and creative bee in the making of the Dome of Life and what became the Pollination Academy.

Kirstine is very much involved in creating learning and experience pathways for citizens and other stakeholders and has also been involved in our collaboration with Khora VR around the Virtual Reality x Site Sensitising approach to stimulating climate creativity and immersive experiences.