Pollination Academy – Learning for a Wiser Future

One of the first workshops of the pollination academy included an audio experience confronting citizens with the grass growing under their feet.

The pandemic caused many things to grow and surface.

One of the better things that happened was that we were forced to stay put in our own city for so long that we decided to try and concentrate our methods into a platform for learning right where we are based, in Copenhagen.

That became the birth of Pollination Academy, our new partnership for learning for life.

The Pollination Academy supports and facilitates a deep rethinking of what it implies to be human-in-nature.

It is a school, a lab, and a community that will grow from all the local places and across the Earth, nourished by the growing curiosity in the hives of humans who wish to contribute to a regenerative culture.  

We don’t have all the answers – but we do have more than 20 years of experience with learning processes.

Since the spring of 2021, we have carried out a handful of workshops with friends, clients, and partners. We have started designing tools like small journals and exercises that are being published on the go to create inspiration, exploration, and generate feedback.

We work from a set of principles that are under continuous development through practice. This is becoming manifest that we will publish before the end of 2021, developed with our partners in Denmark and Europe.

This enables us to integrate the pedagogical and ecological principles of pollination with all our projects. By doing this, we will be able to test the methods with hundreds of users in the next two years, across Europe and across learners’ groups, from students to managers, artists, and scientists.

In January 2022, we will launch a new course that will take pollinators across Europe and join them in a mythical and magical mystery tour, growing a new understanding all the way from the core of consciousness to the widths of science and economy. Follow us here and on Pollination Academy to get the offer for the first retreat course, in the spring of 2022.

You can read more about the Pollination Academy on its own home page here

Join the Urban Pollinators community platform here:

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