Workshop for Norwegian key process industry enterprises

From March 9-10 we will be in Norway working with the EYDE Clusters think-tank members.

Most of the EYDE Cluster members have a role as a global center of excellence in core areas of development within their MNC. Their strong positions in global value chains are a result of highly skilled workers, and their ability to learn and absorb innovations.

More radical innovations and stronger collaboration with leading national and European industrial networks, research institutes and universities are needed to maintain and develop EYDE’s position as a “World Leading Cluster for Sustainable Process Industry.”

The core process industry members produce specialized high-quality products (metals, materials, and chemicals) for the global market, exporting approximately 90 percent of the total output. Their global competitive edge is based on market-driven product development, productivity and resource efficiency with the smallest possible environmental footprint (EYDE).

Our workshop is specially designed by Growing Pathways in collaboration with Co-Creative for the streamlined company whose economic success is driven by being cost-effective and the leading product developer. For many, it can be tough to see young talent develop skills and then leave the company for more ethical and world-changing initiatives. And for many corporations and their leaders, the challenge lies in becoming relevant not only to the employees but also to the rest of the world. And even leading sustainable companies to need to be in the frontline to stay sustainable and relevant in a constantly shifting world.

To become and stay relevant there are many paths to walk along when reaching for co-creation processes and methods of ideation. In a world of constant change in which we long ago reached the conclusion that we cannot keep on with business-as-usual, we must find new ways of strengthening collaboration and sharing visions relying on facilitated conversations and efficient teamwork.

The challenges are now, how we build customized rules, principles and ritual actions that shape the culture and ethos of our companies? But not the least, how do we form valuable relationships and ways of interacting with our communities and partners? Crafting formats that stimulate trust and openness while providing distinct character and innovative approaches to everyday routines will be essential for staging activities within the company.

Holding on to their greatest and most creative talents companies need to create room for and methods to open up for more radical ideas that will change the organization for the better and position them even stronger in their markets and in relations to existing and future clients.

Our four steps to building competence for the future and creating disruption for sustainable companies

1: Develop a method of co-working that allows for a broad perspective, yet being simultaneously delivery-focused

Look for a way that challenges and simultaneously makes you and your colleagues collaborate efficiently. When we work with our clients, we help them develop a future-fit methodology that is applicable for further use within their companies and in other situations. We do it because being able to discover patterns and origin of problems as well as solutions shape resilient and sustainable teams able to change context.

2: Co-develop scenarios of sustainable futures

Highlight the opportunities and risks by taking disruptive developments into account. The perspective should hold valuable insights for the industry by providing a vision of society and company as context.

3. Develop a series of sustainable “change-making” stories related to the work of the company

The aim is to strengthen individual storytelling skills and grow confidence among company employees in the role as the company’s influencers and ambassadors. The challenge is to allow for the employee’s and aspiring leaders’ ethical standpoints to inspire and influence corporate behavior.

4. In addition to the actual outputs, it is the learning goals of the process that participants:

  • Develop the ability to engage in cross-disciplinary dialogues, sharing insights across a diverse range of professional fields.
  • Strengthen the systemic innovation capacity connecting individual business agendas to the larger sustainable transition of society.

The goal of developing methods to keeping talent in the company is to help the client create pathways for their young leaders so that their innovative approaches and new ideas do not die of suffocation when brought back into the organization. Also, the goal is to find a common space in which to thrive, and robust methods for cross-disciplinary mutual support for the benefit of all partners involved, the young talents themselves, and the surrounding environment.


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